How does it work? It’s easy – fix a date, decide on a venue (it could be your home, a meeting room at work, a local cafe) and invite a group of friends or colleagues to get together for avocado on toast/a pile of brownies/or a full English! You can charge people for tickets, or invite them to make a donation. The point is to get people talking about EB and raise money in a sociable way that doesn’t take up too much time. Host one, or make it an annual event and inspire your guests to host their own.

At the end of the year, we will draw the names of 20 Brunch Club Hosts out of a hat and invite them to a special Brunch Club event in London. You will also have a chance to win £200 in John Lewis Vouchers!

What’s next? all you have to do is sign up here to receive your Butterfly Brunch pack (which includes a useful guide to help you organize your event) So come on, get your wings on and help us spread ours!

Thank you very much for your help

Register here to host your own Butterfly Brunch

By getting together with your friends for brunch, you’ll be raising vital funds to help find a cure for EB. Eating, having fun and helping to #cureEB!

Together we can beat this most cruel of conditions and give these children the chance to live a life free from excruciating pain – a life like ours.

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